When real estate transactions are carried out, oftentimes 2 basic questions arise:

  • Expenses. In addition to the purchase price of the property, the transactions also include additional costs which are of two types: Mandatory (notary, state, municipal and bank fees) and optional (real estate agent, attorney and other consulting fees).
  • Risk. One main risk exists for the sellers - to not receive the purchase price of the sold property. However, for those who buy a property, the risks are multiple and of most diverse nature. A small technical error in the process of transferring a property can lead to multiple problems in the future. An additional stimulus is the circumstance that real estate fraud is not rare in Bulgaria. Until the transactions are concluded before a notary, the actions are usually conducted by real estate agents whose main function is to connect the seller with the buyer. They guide the former in determining the price and the terms and conditions of the transaction and assist the latter in the choice of a suitable property. Usually, agents do not possess the necessary legal knowledge. Even if they identify the risks, it is not certain that the parties will be informed, since the agent’s remuneration depends on whether the transaction will be completed. As a result of this, many sellers remain unaware of the assumed risks. Notaries in our country have excellent preparation and a significantly deeper expertise than many of their colleagues abroad. Nevertheless, their participation in the transactions is limited to their final stage only, when going back is difficult. Their job consists mainly in identifying the parties, their will and legitimacy, as well as making a merely general, external verification of the documents. Their only obligation is to read, but not to interpret the contract. Notaries are not obliged to guide the parties about the clauses of the contract which would lower the risks or regulate the relations in the event they the risks occur.

For these reasons, clients often turn with the desire to use our services so as to discern and avoid the possible risks which the acquiring of the real estate chosen by them could involve. More and more often, they seek our assistance at an earlier stage, even before they have selected a specific property.

  • Some of these clients rely on us to research the market;
  • Others are inclined to present to us the criteria of the real estate sought by them and expect from us specific proposals in line with these criteria;
  • A third group have prepared a list of properties specifically selected by them which they assign to us to research;
  • Individual clients indicate a specific property which they are interested in, expecting from us to identify the owner and get in touch with him and negotiate on their behalf.

Our services:

  • Consulting, mainly the structure and course of the transaction. Preparing written opinions regarding real estate transactions in Bulgaria;
  • Initial inquiries on a property and person (in the Real Estate Register of Bulgaria and the cadaster);
  • Checking real estates for applications filed and encumbrances - foreclosures, mortgages and other defects;
  • Providing copies of up-to-date sketches, notary deeds, partition contracts and other documents-subject to registration: entirely electronically, without authorization;
  • Investigation of the history of a property and review of the documentation;
  • Investigation of the history and wealth of a seller;
  • Representation in negotiations with third parties, consulting firms and real estate agencies;
  • Preparing the contractual documentation - preliminary contracts, contracts for the so-called reservation fee, escrow contracts and agreements, notary deeds, partitions, etc.
  • Representation before notaries to conclude real estate transactions;
  • Preparing effective due diligence in the acquisition of enterprises in which real estates are included, inheritances, etc.
  • Legal services in solving joint ownership problems (partitions), right to build, granted right to use, etc.
  • Preparing declarations for the acquisition of real estates and their submission in the municipal administration;
  • Assistance in the preparation of tax assessments or appraisals by licensed surveyors;
  • Negotiations between owners of plots and investors, including in connection with the establishment of building right;
  • Cost reduction. We are able to lower significantly the expenses for a given transaction. It is very possible that this reduction will exceed the amount of our own remuneration. Having access to information from different databases, we are able to research the chosen real estate, identify the owner and negotiate with him directly, avoiding the chain of intermediaries who, very often, unnecessarily burden the parties to the transaction. Advice: Call us immediately after you choose your property. Real estate agencies watch the market and announce everything they see and, very often, unfairly copy and use photos, addresses and information about properties that are not assigned to them to offer. Thus, the web is full of similar content, behind which oftentimes are unauthorized persons. We will investigate and find the correct person whom you need to contact. Also, we could negotiate the price of the property on your behalf and advise you in what circumstances the mandatory costs associated with the transaction could be significantly reduced as well as the tax burden associated with owning real estate in Bulgaria.


Real estate transactions are of diverse nature, involve diverse actions and require different levels of expertise. Concluding them takes different amounts of time. For this reason, the prices of our services can be quite different. They are determined by negotiating. Some separate services allow fixed prices:

  • Consultation (oral) on general matters related to real estate transactions: EUR 90.
  • Written opinion on general questions provided in advance, related to the real estate transactions: EUR 160.
  • Investigating a property with the purpose to find the true owner and establish contact in order to negotiate for a transaction: EUR 700.
  • Inquiry for a specific real estate on the basis of information provided about the owner or real estate identifier: EUR 80.
  • Check of real estate for filed applications, foreclosures, mortgages, right to use and other encumbrances: EUR 80.
  • Providing a copy of the cadastral sketch/map of real estate: EUR 30.
  • Providing a copy of the notary deed of a real estate without authorization: EUR 90.
  • Researching the history of a real estate and providing opinion based on documentation presented by the client: EUR 140.
  • Researching the history of a real estate/wealth of a seller and providing an opinion based on documentation gathered by us from the registers of the Registry Agency: EUR 240.
  • Preparing of declarations for the acquisition of real estates and their submission in the municipal administration: EUR 90.
  • Full assistance in concluding a real estate transaction: 1% of the material interest.
  • Full assistance with incl. negotiations on concluding a deal with real estate: 1-1.5%.
  • Assistance in finding a suitable property, negotiations and overall assistance in concluding a real estate transaction: 2-3%.


The real estates acquired for investment purposes require to be managed. The management of these properties is a continuous process. We offer a full set of management services:

  • providing comprehensive consulting services in relation to the properties;
  • representation before the state, municipal administration and other persons;
  • investigating the state of tenants, in order to establish their reliability and solvency;
  • negotiations, preparation and representation in concluding real estate rental contracts;
  • inspections and control over the activity of tenants in the properties;
  • coordination of the necessary repair activities in the properties, incl. organization of visits by technical specialists, control over the work performed and making payments for the relevant services;
  • payment of other expenses related to the ownership and use of the properties;
  • service of invitations and other documents in connection with the concluded lease agreements;
  • coordination of the legal relations in connection with the deposits received under lease agreements;
  • preparation of recommendations for rental prices and comprehensive marketing of the properties;
  • drawing-up and maintaining detailed listings of the properties;
  • organizing and conducting inspections with potential tenants;
  • organizing and reporting of the payments to utilities, cleaning and property maintenance companies;
  • representation before the utility companies in connection with concluding contracts, changing data, etc.;
  • participation in the general meetings of the condominium and coordination of the activities and decisions related to the common areas of the properties;
  • study of the possibilities for reduction of the waste collection fee;
  • collection of the rental price of the properties and organization of the expenses, according to the instructions of the client and the requirements of the law (*optional);
  • storage of the received and unreported funds, incl. in a lawyer's (client's) account (*optional);
  • possibility to conduct court proceedings, incl. declaratory, for interim measures, non-contentious and enforcement proceedings.