Online consultations. Bulgarian legal issues.

First, please pay special attention on the “e-mail address” cell, because this is the method that we use to make a connection with you, our client.

You can make an online consultation order through the order form.

We are trying to execute the online consultation orders in short terms and we will connect you as soon as possible on the provided e-mail address for further information. Often, in legal cases, circumstances that seem unimportant on a first look, are very significant. Sometimes our clients are unable to recognize these circumstances and to mention them in the request order form, unless they have some juridical training. This is why we require additional information, regarding the case facts and the disputable circumstances. We are requesting that information via your e-mail address. On your e-mail address you will receive also information about the payment options and the exact cost of our service in your case.

Your online consultation will be done in 2-8 days, depending of the complexity of your case. Orders can be done on three languages: English, German and Bulgarian. We provide the online consultation on a Text file. The exact size of your order will be between 2 and 22 pages, depending on your case complexity.

The online consultation cost is 40 lv.

There are four steps for ordering your online consultation.

Fill up the form “Online consultation order” :

  • “Enter your name” cell – Your name or the name of the company you are representing;

  • “E-mail” cell – Your e-mail address

  • “Message subject” – The subject of your case

  • “Enter your message” – Here, we recommend you to describe your case in detail, precise as possible.

Online consultation order – HERE.