Legal representation and litigation in Bulgaria.
  • Representation and assistance in negotiations for extrajudicial settling of disputes;
  • Representation and assistance before arbitration institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria;  
  • Provision of future actions, institution of statements of claims and representation on all kinds of civil lawsuits before all court instances in the Republic of Bulgaria;  
  • Assistance and representation in security and executive proceedings before the proper bodies and institutions;
  • Drafting and presentation of documents before instances under already instituted, unsettled or resolved civil litigation;
  • Subscription legal attendance of commercial companies regarding procedure representation before court bodies;
  • Protection against compulsory execution, prognostication and assistance in the preparation of contingent executive proceedings; Representation in negotiations in the range of executive proceedings;
  • Drafting of responses with respect to required documentation, preparation of statements and prognoses, as well as meetings with the respective officials who manage or otherwise participate in the executive process in Bulgaria.