Attorney at law. Sofia, Bulgaria.

Attorney Yavor Harizanov is an assistant in one of the most prestigious attorney offices in Bulgaria, known for its serious engagement towards many large international and Bulgarian companies.  We tend to engage with the most complicated and difficult juridical and business challenges and we seek to be most useful to all of our assignors nevertheless their statute. Although our clients are mainly commercial companies we, in our capacity of lawyers, attend many individuals not only from Bulgaria.

We analyze each and every case we face no matter of its complicity and required time resource for the analysis implementation.  In all of our actions we always perform risk assessment instead of our clients. In litigation settlement we don’t act to the bitter end but seek for the best optimum ways to our assignors’ advantage. We consider it the way for an attorney-at-law to act. We speak honestly and do not seek to create laws on the account of our clients. This combination of legal competence, strategic vision and trading practice gains us more and more partners who look for our assistance regarding projects whose high value exceed the usual for the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as in the settlement of extremely complicated cases.

Our activity is also focused at a great extent on the sphere of real estate properties and construction, intellectual property, commercial, obligation and labour law. We provide adequate and effective representation in negotiations with third parties, settlement of extrajudicial disputes and achievement of all kinds of agreements. We provide access to our own network of professionals in all fields of business in the Republic of Bulgaria. They are many attorneys-at-law, public notaries, accountants, brokers of real estate properties, auditors, private enforcement agents and representatives of industrial property of almost all regional towns.

Clients are our first priority and we provide them a subscription legal attendance. We keep close friendly relationships with a lot of companies, we have been working hard for them for years and we have gained their thrust for all this time. This is a range of foreign and Bulgarian commercial companies, whose cases we, in our capacity of attorneys, attend almost continuously and whose interests we aspire to protect without being explicitly requested or negotiated, as if they were our personal cases. These are companies that simultaneously have many statutory and contractual terms and whose activity is far too wide to be assigned only to one or two persons. 

Our office is located in Sofia but we are cooperating effectively and permanently with attorneys from all over Bulgaria.  
Our activity emphasizes on the commercial and company law and the real estate properties precisely because of the rapid economic growth that the Republic of Bulgaria registered in past few years.