Legal services in Bulgaria

The legal services that we offer are varied but have a common goal: success and competitiveness of our clients. We are able to provide professional legal assistance with respect to implementation of complex projects and initiatives and to ensure timely and quality legal service for completion of various projects, administrative proceedings, negotiations with private legal entities, procedural representation before the Bulgarian courts and various state agencies.

Commercial law:

We provide legal assistance and act like corporate advisor in drafting model agreements, which attend companies’ commercial activity in all economic sectors. We represent our commercial clients before all state institutions and court instances in relation to commercial, tax, labor, contractual and property litigation.  We assist in the conclusion of commercial deals with real estate properties, securities, leasing deals, contracts for transportation, sales, commissions and distribution agreements, agency agreements, franchising, etc. We provide representation before the Commission for protection of competition, Commission for consumers’ protection, Patent Office and almost all other institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria. We can assist in protection of rights, related with your trademark, in cases of unfair competition, as well as of unfair advertising practice. 

Company law:
            We offer full package of legal services regarding registration of all types of companies, settled by the Bulgarian legislation – limited liability companies, joint stock companies, sole traders, etc. We can help you choose the proper company, register your enterprise branch and provide legal assistance in acquisition, division, divestment, absorption, merger, increase or decrease of capital, non-monetary contributions; registration of changes in the Commercial Register and liquidation. We provide oral and written consultations, as well as due and adequate support to our clients in the administration of commercial companies, preparation of the necessary documents in relation to privatizations, public orders competitions, license applications and other administrative procedures. We offer legal support in negotiations with other legal entities and represent foreign companies on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

   Real estate
            Until quite recently the Bulgarian real estate properties market was bound up with foreign investments. The world financial crisis affected this field too but in the Republic of Bulgaria that segment still registers a very solid market share. We offer a full package of legal services with respect to all kinds of deals with real estate properties on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Due to the long years of practice in preparation of statements and legal researches related to real estates and representation of our clients in a number of various deals with real estate properties, we can affirm that we have a solid experience in the law of real rights. We prepare written and oral legal statements and represent our clients before courts, other natural persons or legal entities and state departments in connection with:

  • Joint ownership matters;
  • Conclusion of contracts for sale-purchase of real estate properties, servitudes, contracts for establishment of restricted real rights, etc.
  • Proceedings and litigation relating to partition;
  • Procedural representation for initiation and defense under negatoria, rei vindicacio and other real actions;
  • Realization of restricted real rights /right of use, right of construction, servitudes, etc./;
  • Administrative procedures as regards construction and contractual activity at issuing the  required construction deeds and protocols;
  • Legal attendance of residential and construction co-operations, etc.

             Law of obligations:
             We consult natural persons in relation to agreements being concluded by them for lease of real estate properties, loans, leasing, credits, mortgage and other obligation deals. We give assistance to natural persons in the management process of common property, we prepare memorandums for meetings about common property; we represent common property owners before construction companies and other departments on matters, concerning buildings’ security and implementation of constructors’ duties.

Foreign investments:
             We provide full package of legal services for foreign investors on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. We study and analyze market conditions and we are able to support the realization of investment projects in all economical fields. In this respect we provide our clients initial information, legal analyses and prognosis in relation to the economical and legal aspects, referring to investments, tax legislation, required time resource for the realization of investments and the investment projects’ dependence on the work of the different state administrations, supporting the settlement of the respective activity or issue the permissions, certificates and licenses, related therein. We consult our clients in connection with investment projects and hold negotiations with opposite parties, as well as administrative representation before state authorities on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for the purpose of participation in public tenders and competitions.

Intellectual property:
            We provide juridical support and consult our clients in connection with rights violation of trademarks, trade names and other subjects of intellectual property in Bulgaria.  We offer representation before the Patent Office, customs authorities, the Commission for protection of competition and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria regarding to the protection and registration of trademarks and other products of industrial and intellectual property. We provide legal consultations in relation to the effective management of intellectual property and provide statements for violation of intellectual property rights. We submit applications for issuing patents for inventions and useful models and execute procedures on registration of trademarks and industrial design.

            We aim at avoidance of litigation for they involve obscurity and uncertainty and unnecessary expenses on account of our assignors. We attempt to find the weak links in our clients’ activity and provide complete transparence with respect to all litigate matters beforehand. When needed, we represent our clients before all judicial instances and regarding all litigation, aiming to ensure the fast and effective fulfillment of court orders in good time. After the
successful ending of the process we organize the executive proceedings until achieving the final satisfaction of our clients.

  • Litigation, related to intellectual property. We represent a number of foreign enterprises in defending their rights, connected with intellectual property. Some of them are owners of trademarks, who have the opportunity through us to participate in administrative procedures for measures implementation for boundary control against the import of fake goods on the territory of the European Union.
  • Commercial litigation. We represent a number of commercial enterprises in litigation, which often involve international elements as well. In most of the cases we assist our clients in protecting their interests from non-execution of contractual obligations, bankruptcy or regarding real estate properties, owned by commercial companies.
  • Labour and legal litigation. We represent large employer companies as regards litigation under the Labour Code and the rest legislation, settling labour activities.
  • Administrative proceedings. We represent our clients before the Patent Office, Commission for protection of competition, customs administration, Commission for consumers’ protection, Agency for Post-privatization Control and other state departments, as well as under complaints against resolutions of the administrative bodies and courts.

We would like to believe that we play our part in the progress registered by all of our clients in the past years and that we will manage to keep our friendly relations with them and their partners.